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Table Of Contents 3.2017 Issue

BBQ: The Backyard 

New things on the horizon – Publisher Column

• BBQ: From a Virginia pit, electric smoker, or slow cooker – Book Reviews from Doug Mosley

• Tailgating Refined – Cover Story FREE CONTENT!

• Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with Irish favorites – Recipes from Paul Kirk “KC Baron of BBQ”

• Grilled Ribeye with Guinness Stout Mushroom sauce – Recipes from Steve Collins “The Home Chef”

• Barbecue: A few ideas for a cold one Recipes from Kent Whitaker “The Deck Chef”

BBQ: The Business

• Dan Pastorini’s Rub Collection scores big– Product review

Guilt serves no purpose– Winget’s Wisdom by Larry Winget

• Pork exports break volume record in 2016 – barbecue news from US Meat Export Federation

• Carnival Cruise Lines now serving real deal barbecue – Guy Fieri’s Pig and Anchor Bar-B-Que takes sail

BBQ: The Competition

• Thoughts from the mind of a BBQ addict– FBA BBQ Trail updates from Dana “Big Papa” Hillis

• Kelley Wilson Memorial BBQ Competition BBQ contest for all the right reasons

• Old vs. New. Really?– The Cooking Comedian shares the lighter side of the world

• God’s Perfect Timing: Is my work here done? – “Give it to God” Jeff Petkevicius with some monthly truth

• Time Travel: St. Patrick visits Memphis in May 1992– Ardie Davis “aka Remus Powers” a peek back to “yesteryear”

• Cook teams come together to ease tragedy– story by Mark Cassel on the real heart of the barbecue world


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