National Bar-B-Que Derby: A must do event!

By R. Kell Phelps, Publisher

Photo by Bill Fales, Coastal Plains Images
Rib entries lined up in the Judges tent. National Bar-B-Que Derby, Derby, KS.

On September 9-10, 2011, the National Bar-B-Que Derby was held at High Park in the town of Derby, KS, which is located just South of Wichita. This first time event was hands down the best first-time event of which I have ever been a part! To try and explain how prepared these folks were would be impossible, and to understand that this was their first attempt at hosting a barbecue event makes it even more amazing. Nothing you could have asked for was missing and more than likely was waiting for you before you asked. The park was the perfect location, with power and water to every team and tons of room to grow. I would be very surprised if this event did not host over 50 teams next year.

Photo by Bill Fales, Coastal Plains Images
Reserve Grand Champion: Hedge Hogs

The event was run so well that even a few Saturday afternoon showers could not dampen the mood of all the attendees. This was a true family-oriented, full-blown festival, complete with a car show, 5K run, helicopter rides, countywide spelling bee, apple pie contest, and of course, lots of barbecue to boot! The Derby also featured live music, vendors, and even demos from nearby McConnell Air Force Base. Saturday afternoon showers probably kept some away, but before a few afternoon showers fell, an estimated 5,000 people enjoyed all aspects of the event. ( more)

Photo by Bill Fales, Coastal Plains Images
2011 National BBQ Derby Grand Champion: Pig In! Pig Out!, from Wichita, KS.

The barbecue part of the event was one of three events with which the National BBQ Festival lends a helping hand by acting as the head judge and giving use of their scoring system and rules. Twenty-six teams competed in this inaugural event for a total of $10,000.  Overall Grand Champion also received an invite to the Best of the Best National Championship in Waycross, GA, on Nov. 4th, which pays out $30,000 in cash and prizes. This year’s National Bar-B-Que Derby winner was local team Pig In! Pig Out! During the awards ceremony, the guys said, “We will see you in Waycross for sure!”

Photo by Bill Fales, Coastal Plains Images
Derby Community Marketing Director Cynthia Wentworth did an amazing job of organizing this event

I can’t begin to tell you just how much time and effort was put into this event by the entire town of Derby, KS. From volunteers to elected officials, it seemed that everyone wanted to be a part of this more than successful event. From the moment we arrived, everyone we met wanted to know if we needed something, which made us feel as though we were at home. This event is already on the calendar for me to attend next year for sure! To see more of what happened and to get ready for the 2012 event, you can visit their website at

2011 National Bar-B-Que Derby, Derby, KS
September 9-10, 2011 • NBF

Photo by Bill Fales, Coastal Plains Images
One of the many demos from McConnell AFB.

Pig In! Pig Out!

Hedge Hogs

Blue Collar BBQ

1) Pig In! Pig Out!
2) Smoke ‘N Rub
3) Fire Breathers
4) Out of Bounds
5) Roughnecks
6) Creekside Outfitters
7) Blue Collar
8) Dry River
10) Pok N Da Ribs
1) Roughnecks
2) JP Custom Smoke
3) Pok N Da Ribs
4) Smoke ‘N Rub
5) Chicken Blue Collar
6)  Daddy Jacks
7) Black Jack
8) Fire Breathers
9) Out of Bounds
10) Pinkie’s

1) Out of Bounds
2) Hedge Hogs
3) Fire It Up
4) Pig In! Pig Out!
5) Daddy Jacks
6) Blue Collar
8) Creekside Outfitters
9) JP Custom Smoke
10) Beer Bellies

1) Hedge Hogs
2) Pig In! Pig Out!
4) Fire Breathers
5) Smokin’ Leprechauns
6) Daddy Jacks
7) Jolly Rogers
8) Ribs Farmers Pit Masters
9) Fire It Up
10) JP Custom Smoke

1) Arnold’s Backyard
2) TDS
3) MD Cookit

1) Arnold’s Backyard
2) MD Cookit
3) TDS

1) Candy Apple Pie, Debbie Leiker
2) Grandpa’s, Joey Gonzalez
3) Old Fashion, Debbie Gerwick

Katrina Mason

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