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Table Of Contents 6.2017 Issue

BBQ: The Backyard 

• Is Organized BBQ better? – Publisher Kell Phelps Monthly Column

The South’s Best Butts…pork butts that is – Book Reviews from Doug Mosley

• Traditional ‘Q Cook School preview – Preview of unique Myron Mixon cook school

• Fajita Roll and Veggies from Ty Machado – Recipes from the next generation of BBQ

• Chicken Negimaki – Recipes from Steve Collins “The Home Chef”

• Barbecue Is Now (Party Dishes) – Recipes from Paul Kirk “KC Baron of BBQ”

• Summer Safe & Tasty Grilling Tips – Kent “The Deck Chef” Whitaker

Beer-Brined Grilled Pork Chops – Recipes from Ray Sheehan “BBQ Buddha”

BBQ: The Business

Hardcore Carnivore Black opens more than eyes – Product review from NBN Cooking Crew

• BBQ Powerhouse celebrates 35 years in business – Front Cover Story FREE CONTENT

• According to plan – The Cooking Comedian shares the lighter side of the world

• Barbecue is the dominant preoccupation of today – Ardie A. Davis, PHB,  Member Barbecue Hall of Fame

BBQ: The Competition

40th Annual Memphis In May turns into nailbiter – NBN Cooking Crew reports on annual Memphis In May competition

• Memphis In May photos from Frank Boyer – A look at MIM through the lens of Frank Boyer

• 2017 Sauces of Honors Top 10 – Results from the 2017 National Barbecue News sauce contest

• Tailgating: A way of life for many NASCAR fans – Tailgater Magazine introduces us to another sport called tailgating

• Accountability – “Give it to God” Jeff Petkevicius with some monthly truth

• BBQ is a blessing – FBA BBQ Trail info from Dana “Big Papa” Hillis

• Minnesota Barbeque Society Minnesota in May info

• Northeast Barbecue Society – NEBS Annual Cooking Class, Best Bar Wings!

• California BBQ Association  4th Annual Elk Grove BBQ Championship – Best Sauce on the Planet

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