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Rhodies Smokin' BBQ

By Bob Lyon

It's not often that a top-flight BBQ joint opens within 15 minutes from where you live.  When I read about Rhodies in our local Issaquah Press, I just had to find out, since nothing like that has happened after I became reporter emeritus for the National Barbecue News.  I got my first floor BBQ buddy Andy Ballasiotes and his Lexus lined up and pursued a BBQ lunch at my expense last week.

Owner/operator Kenny Rogers has a two-man-show going there at this time.  After establishing my credentials with six past issues of National Barbecue News, I ordered a $20 sampler plate (something not on the menu).  Andy asked for half a rack of ribs.  My sampler plate included both pulled pork and brisket.  I asked for part of a slice of brisket, which came with a bit of burned end.

The pulled pork is just what it should be, flavorful throughout because extra rub is worked in after pulling.  The half rack of full-sized spare ribs is a steal at $19.99.  The bean side dish is excellent.  The slaw fits the menu description: lightly dressed and crisp.  It may be awaiting a super new seasoning.  The barbecue sauce is so good that it doesn't need hot or extra hot versions.

When I checked with Kenny Rogers about a Kansas City style brisket sandwich ala Arthur Bryant's (brisket slices, white bread and barbecue sauce for the eater to form), he said the two-man operation made him as cook unable to slice brisket upon demand when they were the slightest busy.

Kenny's pit is a commercial electric Cookshack.  His wood is hickory.  The menu states that chicken and ribs get three hours of smoke, the pork butts and brisket 14 hours.  I took home a rib for my wife to sample.  We're going to return for a half rack of ribs – just the right amount for folks our age.  I'm also going to recommend at the next meeting of the Leisure Committee at our Timber Ridge Retirement home that we schedule an outing to Rhodies.

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Give It to God BBQ Products Review

By NBN Cooking Crew

Goal Line Seasoning
Jeff Petkevicius is a unique individual. Keep in mind that being unique today is not a bad thing and can be a big advantage when we are talking about competition barbecue cooks. Believe it or not, unique flavor profiles that stay within reason on heat, sweet, and saltiness are usually the contenders for the overall grand prize at the end of the day. Those profiles that go beyond reason and get offensive usually find themselves still sitting at awards time wondering what was wrong with their entry. Goal Line seasoning is as balanced as any barbecue seasoning rub we have ever tried. The only way this stuff would offend a judge is if you didn't use enough in your preparation.

Our tests of this product went all the way from potato chips to boneless, skinless chicken breast (which would be dangerous with some other BBQ seasonings). This seasoning was awesome on every single thing we put it on, and it didn't oversalt or dry out our chicken breasts either! Jeff says, "Goal Line seasoning is a solid foundation for all four competition meats." We would have to testify that he is dead on with that statement.  

We would truly recommend this product to anyone, regardless of their preference of salty versus sweet or mild versus heat. Because this seasoning is so balanced, it would be super easy to add your favorite spice which would tailor it for you. Our testings proved this really is a fantastic seasoning for anything, but especially anything barbecue. The results of our tests scored out at a perfect 5 rib bones rating. You can learn more about this super balanced barbecue rub at

Pro BBQ Steroids #1 and #2
We can honestly say we have now tried steroids to help improve our barbecue! Best of all, it is not an illegal or banned substance yet, but you never know when this might change. We have heard of some sauce additives in the past, but we just figured they would really mess up our flavor profile targets, so we left them alone. We were indeed questioning these products as well before we gave them a whirl.

These products simply do not totally change your targeted profiles but instead dramatically intensify them. Our first test was with a regular and very popular  sauce that is really kind of bland. We added the max  suggested amount of Pro BBQ Steroids to it and let it sit for a few minutes before testing. It made a huge difference, but after letting it set up overnight and trying it again the next day, we found it made an even bigger difference. In short, it took a simple and cheap barbecue sauce and made it really tasty.

Next we tried the Pro BBQ Steroids with our signature sauce, which has already won several awards on its own. We mixed up the minimum amount of suggested Pro BBQ Steroids with it and felt it really improved our profiles. It also intensified the heat of our sauce as well, but we easily made a fix with a tad of sweetness. We also coated up some chicken with both fixed and unfixed sauces and found the unfixed sauce —that by itself was too spicy — turned out more flavorful after the added steroids and after being on the grill for a few minutes to set up. We also noticed the oer abundance of heat was missing from the finished product.

The bottom line is these flavor enhancers actually do help bring in a ton flavor without redefining your existing flavor profiles. We have no idea what is in the bottle that makes it happen, but it really does pump up the flavors in every sauce with which we tried it. We gave both of these products a perfect 5 rib bones, as we have never tried anything like this before. You can also find more info about these products at

Victorinox Competition BBQ Knife Set
There is no doubt you know the name Swiss army knife and the reputation that comes with Swiss made cutlery. You may not know that the company that is behind these knives is Victorinox, but hopefully after this small review of their new competition barbecue set, you will put the two names together.

When dealing with anything culinary, there are very few tools as important as the knives you use. A cheap knife cannot only ruin your cut of meat, but can also hurt you if you are not super careful. If you have ever tried to trim up a brisket with a dull knife, then you know exactly what we're talking about. Can you imagine messing up a $200 brisket because your knife was too dull to separate it correctly or cutting your finger while trying to trim up chicken thighs? We have seen both happen and saw how sick it made the cooks that were doing it.

The first question with most Swiss made products is the price. There is no argument that most Swiss made products are very high quality, but when we compare prices with similar products, it becomes a huge factor before purchasing. True barbecue folks know that nothing really good is usually cheaper in price, and we end up getting what we pay for. A great example of this is the meat that we purchase. Cheaper grades of meat usually produce lower scores in competitions. This theory is true for most of the other necessities used in the barbecue world. And yes, a cheap knife that will not hold an edge can cause you to have lower competition scores in the criteria of appearance. Most judges we talked with will score you down for a torn or less than clean cut of a product.

Now some shocking news! The same Swiss company that invented the Swiss army knife back in 1891 now has a designed set of knives that won't send you into bankruptcy. The seven piece set we tested was found for sale on various websites starting at $102. This is a super by compared to buying each piece separately, which would be well over $300 in total cost. While we were doing research on this test, we double and triple checked our figures to make sure this was the exact set we were testing, but the only difference we found was a slight logo color change for some of the cases versus what we were testing.

The five knife set is set up for most all barbecue needs. This set includes a 3.25" paring knife with a spear point, 8" breaking knife, 6" semi-stiff boning knife, 10' slicer with a grantor blade, and 8" chef's knife. This set also includes a 9" regular cut steel for sharpening and a polyester tri-fold roll bag. The grips on all the knives have the Fibrox pro handle, and the blades are all high-carbon stainless steel. This set also comes with a lifetime warranty and are NSF certified. The only piece we see missing would be a slightly longer breaking knife for working with the larger cuts of beef brisket.

The quality of the set is exactly what you expect from the Swiss company that started out making high quality knives. Our month-long testing process proved that this is a super set of knives. In fact, we never lost an edge on any of these knives during our testing period, but we also never washed them in the dishwasher either. Sometimes the harsh detergents can cause edge loss over a period of time, but we bet most of you already knew this fact.

Overall this set is a super value and is perfect for the barbecuer looking to get started or to upgrade their current cutting instruments. We give this new product a perfect score of 5 rib bones.


Grilled Wild Pacific Salmon with Ginger Lemongrass Sauce

Fire Up The Grill
By Steve Collins
The Home Chef



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