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In addition to the current monthly issue you will also gain access to over 3 years of back issues as well...and all for just $10!


Sauces of Honor 2016 Winners!

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2016 NBN Rubs of Honor Winners

BEEF (32 Entries)
  1) All About The Meat Seasoning by
      Chris Cavender
  2) SPG by Sucklebusters
  3) Popa Sisco's Arkansaw Seasoning &
      Rub by HogDog, LLC
  4) Deep Tissue Massage by Big T Spice Co.
  5) What's Your Beef by Loot N' Booty BBQ
  6) Riley's Red Rub by CRC BBQ
  7) Brisket Rub by Hoghenheiferz BBQ
  8) U-Betcha Beef by Eroc's
  9) Zen Steak Rub by BBQ Buddha
10) Beef Rub by Good Smoke BBQ

CHICKEN (36 Entries)
  1) Chik Bait by Swimmin In Smoke
  2) Championship Rub by 3 EYZ BBQ
  3) Chix Rub by Damn Yankee Riders
  4) Everything Rub by Loot N' Booty BBQ
  5) Riley's Red Rub by CRC BBQ
  6) Rescue by Code 3 Spices
  7) Chicken Rub #1 by Torch It Up Q
  8) Gold Star Chicken Rub by Loot N' Booty
  9) Clucker Dust by Sucklebusters
10) BBQ+ by Wellspring Components, LLC

PORK (38 Entries)
  1) Meat Rub by Wellspring Components,
  2) Chipotle Cowgirl by Texas Select
  3) Sticky Rub by Texas Select Seasonings
  4) Radical Rib Rub by Swimmin' In Smoke
  5) BBQ +by Wellspring Components, LLC
  6) Riley's Red Rub by CRC BBQ
  7) Booty Shake by Swimmin' In Smoke
  8) U-Betcha-Smokey Maple by Eroc's
  9) Rib Rub by Hoghenheiferz BBQ
10) Pork Magic by Zigs Pig BBQ Team

My New Year's Knife Resolution!

By Kent "The Deck Chef" Whitaker

Every year I avoid making a New Year's Resolution. I hate them because I'm always going to break them. Let's face it… I'm not losing 40 pounds and going to 200 pushups every day. I like Apple Pie too much.

But, Ally and I were talking about taking better care of some of the cooking items I travel with. After an event or cooking demo I often clean the gear there or pack it up for cleaning when I get home. I must admit that I've dinged up several of my favorite chef knives over the years simply by not properly stowing them for a return road trip.

I love finding cool chef stuff! Who said protecting your chef knives had to be boring? HÖHMAGE brings elegance to their line of chef inspired goods! You have to love something classic when it comes to the culinary world.
HÖHMAGE is now offering chefs, and those who just like to cook, their signature chef knife roll which is far above anything on the market. Each roll is handcrafted from fine leather and designed to protect a wide variety of knives and tools that chefs often spend a fair sum of money on. These things are beautiful!

Classic Design Means Function!
Many chef knife rolls try to force your culinary tools into certain sized slots or compartments. The HÖHMAGE Knife Roll uses a rather simple - and yet elegant - method to organization. The main knife/tool area contains eight compartments that every brand of knife we tried fit into.

There was no small, or medium, or large... everything fits! Once the roll... is rolled - nothing moves. But, when the roll is opened, you have a very easy time removing and returning everything to its place.

The zippered side pockets make the knife roll a perfect protector for other tools ranging from thermometers, business cards, and more. There is even plenty of room for an extra phone charging cord! Cooking items on one side and business items such as business cards on the other side.

Everything has a place! And, when done and everything is cleaned - simply return the items to their proper pockets, roll up, buckle, and you're done!

Craftsmanship and Usability
Craftsmanship is the key to protecting your knives with the HÖHMAGE knife roll. The HÖHMAGE knife roll is crafted using fine leather and soft durable canvas. The zippered pockets offer a protective and secure area for additional items without increasing the bulk of the overall feel.

The look is that of a classic business briefcase or high-end piece of luggage. From the overall look to the tight and flawless stitching, and buckles is a head turner.

The usability factor is off the charts. Sure - it's a classy looking case! But - it's also built for real chef work! Securing the knife roll is easy with sturdy, and yet elegant straps, along with brass buckles. Once everything is buckled and ready to go simply grab the knife roll by the leather handle! The upscale materials combined with flawless stitching make for an impressive case.

Even More from HÖHMAGE
The knife roll is a pretty great addition to your chef collection of cool things that you will use! But - why stop there? The brains behind the HÖHMAGE brand also know there's a need for real working aprons and carry bags.

Yes - you can set aside the food service industry white apron for your next event or chef demo. Or, perhaps you would rather present yourself with an apron that reflects your cooking style and level. Check out the line of Aprons "The Bently" which is shown, and "The Magnum" and the Carry Bag "The Boxer" from www.HÖ

Kent Whitaker, aka "The Deck Chef," is a culinary writer and cookbook author – his newest title is Great American Grilling. The former winner of the Emeril Live Food Network Barbecue Contest also covers football, motorsports, and bass fishing. Kent lives in East Tennessee with his wife and son.

Fireboard really measures up

By NBN Cooking Crew

High tech devices have left a lasting impact on the barbecue world. Let's face it…if you are guessing or not really sure of any step of your barbecue process, then you simply should be looking  to educate yourself. The amount of information on the barbecuing process is really astounding, and just about everyone of the correct articles, blogs or stories tells you that temperature is the biggest secrect of all.

A few weeks after Iowa Smoky D's BBQ won the Sam's Club Invitational, Darren Warth shared his thoughts about why his team is so sucessful in the competition and restaurant arenas.

"When I taste other people's BBQ, it all tastes the same. People get tied up on the taste, and they forget about the tenderness. I am really good at producing the right level of tenderness in my meat."

Tenderness is defined by doneness and that is without a doubt going to be measured by internal temperatures.

The new FireBoard is a very tech-savvy and super easy-to-operate temperature measuring device like few others we have ever come across. It offers literally hundreds of different was to use it, while being smart enough to text or email you what is happening at your pit while you are away. The control unit is just barely bigger than the average business card at 3.9 " wide by 2.4" high by 1.1" deep. The complete unit is easy to transport and super easy to set up.

The Fireboard uses both Bluetooth and wifi technology and includes a very useful smartphone app to help keep you aware of what your pit or grill is doing. The control unit also uses a Li-ion rechargable battery, so there is no need to have an electrical outlet to run it. It can even be recharged by a portable USB power pack during the middle of a cook. Another really neat feature is the Fireboard actually offers a Cloud service with each unit, so you can always see how your pit changed with different situations. All of this information can be seen from your home computer or smartphone app.

Compared to simular units we have tested in the past, the FireBoard is world's apart from most of them, and because of that fact, this unit will cost a little more. We also suggest not letting the baker of the house see this unit in action, as it might cause it to go missing from the pit area and be found on the kitchen counter measuring the oven and all of its creations. Its ability to measure six different items at once is really what sets it apart from other thermometers.

 The base unit comes in at $189 and comes with the unit, one ambient probe, grill quick clip, and one food probe. They also offer an Extreme BBQ Edition package that includes six food probes, two ambient probes, two quick grill clips, and the operating unit itself for $249. The unit we tested was the basic unit, but when we order, there is no doubt we will order the bigger package.

You can find more details about this super new BBQ-friendly product on their website at, by calling at (816) 945-2232, or by emailing them at

Photo by NBN Cooking Crew
View from computer tracking a chicken cook.

Photo by NBN Cooking Crew
iPhone app view of Dashboard




Grilled Wild Pacific Salmon with Ginger Lemongrass Sauce

Fire Up The Grill
By Steve Collins
The Home Chef



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