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2019 Sauces Of Honor Top 10 Winners

The National Barbecue News 2019 Sauces of Honor event had yet another record year with a total of 243 entries. 68 beef entries, 81 chicken entries and 94 pork entries made this the biggest Sauces of Honor event to date. The Sauces of Honor contest is the only barbecue sauce contest in the world that welcomes homemade sauces to compete with commercially produced sauces.

The contest is unique as the goal is simple; find the best sauce entered that accompanies beef, chicken or pork. Your National Barbecue News Magazine hosts this event every spring. In addition to the Sauces of Honor event, we also host the Rubs of Honor event as we search for the best barbecue rub for the same three proteins.

Listed below are the top 10 sauces for each of the three categories. Winners in each category will have their choice of a $750 advertising contract with the National Barbecue News Magazine or a $750 bottling contract with the Saucery from Ocean Springs, MS.

Thank you to all who entered our 2019 competition. We are already looking forward to hosting the 2020 event and hope to see your entries then.



1. Holy Smoke BBQ Sweet Sauce – Holy Smoke, LLC
2. Full Boar BBQ “Sweet & Spicy” Sauce – Full Boar BBQ, LLC
3. Southern Gal – Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse
4. Holy Smoke BBQ Sauce – Holy Smoke, LLC
5. Sweet Mama – BurntOut BBQ
6. Smokey Raspberry – Jake & Aimee’s Sauces
7. Mrs. Skinny’s Sweet BBQ Sauce – Skinny’s BBQ
8. Snafu Elite BBQ Sauce – War Pig BBQ
9. Mrs. Skinny’s Original BBQ Sauce – Skinny’s BBQ


1. Full Boar BBQ “Sweet & Spicy” Sauce – Full Boar BBQ, LLC
2. Southern Gal – Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse
3. Holy Smoke BBQ Sweet Sauce – Holy Smoke, LLC
4. Delta Q – Jonesy Q 5. Chicago Blue – Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse
6. Dixie Red – Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse
7. Smoky Jon’s Original Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
8. Big Bull – Pig in a Pit
9. Sabrina’s Sweet Heat – Sabrina Lawrence Unash & Brandon Unash
10. Fubar Elite BBQ Sauce – War Pig BBQ


1. Steele Grillz Original BBQ Sauce – Steele Grillz BBQ
2. Historic Original – Historic BBQ
3. Nuthatch Hill BBQ Co. Competition Sauce – Nuthatch Hill BBQ Co.
4. Snafu Elite BBQ Sauce – War Pig BBQ
5. BBQ Dreamz New Hampshire Original – Paul Cardone
6. Grampy’s Original Chicken Sauce – Tom Leiby
7. Smokin’ Gold – Smokin’ Aces Steakhouse
8. Mrs. Skinny’s Hot BBQ Sauce – Skinny’s BBQ
9. Sweet Heat – Pig in a Pit
10. UrbanQ Smokehouse Smokehouse Blues – UrbanQ Smokehouse


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