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2022 Memphis In May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest Winners

2022 Awards – Pork Division

1st: Heath Riles BBQ
2nd: Bluff City Smokers
3rd: Smokin’ With An Attitude
4th: Blue Smoke Blaire
5th: No Name Smokers
6th: Fat Side Up
7th: Deez Butts
8th: Natural Born Grillers
9th: Wolf’s Revenge BBQ
10th: Riberty

1st: Sweet Swine O’ Mine
2nd: Cool Smoke
3rd: Sweet Cheeks
4th: BBQ Trap House
5th: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
6th: Brown Chicken Brown Cow
7th: Cadillac Grillz
8th: Moonlight Smokers
9th: Myswine Championship BBQ Team
10th: The Hogfather

Whole Hog
1st: Blues Hog
2nd: Boars Night Out
3rd: Will Be Que BBQ Team
4th: Smoke Masters BBQ
5th: Rusty’s Smoke BBQ
6th: Yazoo’s Delta Q
7th: Ubons
8th: Fireman John’s BBQ
9th: Jacks Old South
10th: Pickin ‘N Grillin BBQ

Blues Hog

Green Grilling Award
Sweet Cheeks

Kingsford Tour of Champions
1st: The Shed BBQ
2nd: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
3rd: Too Sauced To Pork
4th: Smoke Masters BBQ

Patio Porkers
1st: Pork-A-Tude
2nd: Porkside BBQ
3rd: Smokin’ Hot & Saucy
4th: The Meatles

Frank’s Red Hot Hot Wings
1st: Sweet Swine O’Mine
2nd: Killers Hogs
3rd: Planet BBQ Inc
4th: Brown Chicken Brown Cow

1st: Boars Night Out
2nd: The Usual Saucepects
3rd: Mexico BBQ Team
4th: Blue Smoke Blaire

1st: Killer Hogs
2nd: The Shed BBQ
3rd: Blues Hog
4th: BAMBQ

1st: Pure Pleasure Porkers
2nd: Moe Cason BBQ
3rd: Pigs In Space
4th: Smokin’ On The River

1st: The Bastey Boys
2nd: No Name Smokers
3rd: Smoked ‘N Spiced
4th: Porkside Boys

2022 Ancillary Awards – Anything But Categories

Turkey Smoke
1st: Iowa BBQ Store Corn Cookers
2nd: Killer Hogs
3rd: Pig Beach BBQ
4th: Swinefeld

2022 Ancillary Awards – Sauce Categories

1st: Burnt Finger BBQ
2nd: Voo Doo Q
3rd: Team Best Damn BBQ Sauce

1st: The Pig Diamonds
2nd: Firehouse5
3rd: Southern Smoke

1st: Colonel Rib
2nd: Boars Night Out
3rd: Smokin’ With An Attitude

2022 Ancillary Awards – Misc. Categories

Best Booth
1st: All Star Ten Pin Porkers
2nd: Pork Illustrated
3rd: Love Meat Tender

Best T-Shirt
1st: I Only Smoke When I Drink
2nd: Uncle Murle’s
3rd: Annesdale Pork

Ms. Piggie Idol
1st: Swinos
2nd: Pigs Gone Wild
3rd: Swine & Dine


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