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Hoosier Daddy is a Sleeping Giant 


We were introduced to this great looking sauce at the annual NBBQA Conference in Kansas City back in April. The brand won a ton of awards during the Awards of Excellence competition including first place mustard sauce for their Sweet & Sassy as well as first place Vinegar Spicy Sauce for their Ghost Roast.


Hoosier Daddy sauceHoosier Daddy BBQ sauces are being produced the same way Kim Marshall Foy’s Dad did in his kitchen, all-natural and with lots of love. Kim’s father, William Marshall, is the mastermind behind the sauce. She began a testament to honor his memory by producing his BBQ sauce and delivering it to the market, following his loss to cancer. Hoosier Daddy BBQ became a driving force from her heart, led by strength, determination, and a remarkable product that entices and entertains the taste buds. After meeting Kim in Kansas City and hearing some of her story, we asked for a few samples to do this review. There is no doubt that this brand has some great vibes hanging around it, but after trying the sauces we know where those vibes are coming from…our taste buds! Both sauces are indeed superstars.


If you like competition type BBQ sauces, then you will fall in love with the Hoosier Daddy Sweet & Sassy sauce. The sauce is thick enough to be used as a glaze and has the sweetness that is preferred by most competition judges. The real kicker for us is the fact that the sauce has both tomato and mustard bases. This dual based sauce also contains cider vinegar for tartness and a touch of hot sauce that gives a very faint kick of heat. The ending kiss of this sauce is the touch of peach that is beyond different from any other sauce we have ever tried. To say we are sold on this sauce is a major understatement and we think this could become a new competition staple soon.

The Ghost Roast sauce is a sauce for serious fans of heat. This bad boy will get a sweat rolling in a hurry as the heat comes from super hot ghost peppers. The bottle even claims it to be deathly hot, and we agree! The heat is high but the sauce is not without flavor as it has also proven itself to be a winner.

You can order these sauces or find more info about them both at their website 

You can also find Hoosier Daddy sauces HERE ON Amazon






Griller’s Gold Premium BBQ Pellets 




The pellet grill is hotter then ever before and is showing no signs of cooling down anytime soon. It has been a few months since we got back on the pellet bandwagon with our REC TEC RT-700 Bull and we find ourselves firing it up about as often as we light up charcoal for the trusty Weber Kettle.


Once you catch the pellet fever, it won’t be long before you realize there is almost an endless list of pellet fuel providers. As you start looking and doing research you will also find out that some pellets can harm your cooker versus fire it up as it should. Moisture and additives in the pellets themselves are the leading killers that can cause permanent damage, so make sure and do some homework before buying.


Grillers Gold PelletsOne brand that we have tested and approve of is the Griller’s Gold Premium BBQ Pellets. These pellets are made in their American facility in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, by Indeck Energy. For over ten years, Indeck has produced hundreds of thousands of tons of wood pellets for heating fuel as well as grilling. In the world of wood pellets, they rule! They have spent a lot of time and laserlike intensity on our specialized manufacturing processes. That is how they’re able to deliver consistent, premium quality, all-natural wood pellets from sustainably harvested wood and trimmings.


Griller’s Gold comes in several different wood varieties and mixtures, but we found our favorite was the competition blend of maple, hickory, and cherry. It seemed to deliver an enjoyable smoke flavor that was far from overpowering. A close second would be their fruitwood mix of Maple, Cherry, and Apple.


We are still in the learning process about which pellets to avoid, but all of our testings has proved that these pellets will do the job of running your pellet cooker without the worry of harm or getting an inconsistent mix from order to order. These pellets are also on the bottom end of the price range of most pellets with a cost of about $1 per pound. We have seen some brands going for almost twice that price. You can find these pellets all across the United States in different retail locations as well as on the Amazon website. For more details on these proven BBQ pellets at their website at 


You can also buy these pellets on Amazon HERE! 


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