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“Necessity is the mother of invention” and in this case, a flavorful, sweet, and spicy barbecue sauce with a great story.

On February 24th, 2010, in Raleigh, NC, Bo Bodenstine’s pregnant wife was very uncomfortable. She asked Bo to help get the baby out! With Bo’s restaurant and cooking background, he went into the kitchen and made a hot and sweet sauce with items he had on hand. Bo’s wife does not like spicy food and did not eat any during the nine months of being pregnant, so when he tossed fried chicken wings in the hot sauce, let’s just say the baby was not happy. Seven hours later, Bo’s wife gave birth to their first child. The de- livery came on so quickly that Bo’s wife did not have time for pain medication.

Bo’s wife told her friends, they told their friends, and for ten years, Bo has been making this sauce for pregnant women to help speed up the pregnancy process. Everyone wanted Bo to bottle the sauce and bring it to produce and market it to baby showers. On August 19th, 2020, the first batch of Baby Out Sauce was professionally bottled by a company located in North Carolina.

Bo recommends that you try it on fried chicken, shrimp, vegetables, and, of course, grilled and smoked meats. It also makes a mean Bloody Mary and a great add-in to heat up your stews and soups. And, of course, it makes a great baby shower gift.

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