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March 2017 Issue

4H–Delivering Skills for the Future

 Welcome to your local 4H Tailgate Grilling Camp


Jeff Finger submitted a story about how his local 4-H club is working to teach kids all about real deal barbecue. 

Kids playing with fire? No. Kids learning how to respect and control the fire so they can prepare flavorful, moist and tender cuts of pork, poultry, beef, and seafood? Absolutely! Welcome to your local 4H Tailgate Grilling Camp.

Tailgating Redefined!

Our March 2017 issue featured Stan Hayes from Operation Barbecue Relief (OBR) caught in the act of serving Whole Hog to the crowd who attended the Players Super Bowl LI Tailgate Party that was hosted by Guy Fieri. The fellows were asked to come help cook and serve barbecue to the 2,500 attendees. Without a doubt, the OBR crew hit a grand slam and brought a ton of awareness to their very worthy cause!

March 2017 Issue

Smoker or work of art?
You be the judge!

Photos by Otis Griffith
Otis Griffith, a UK self-taught welder and artist, has been creating various art-forms for around 20 years using recycled and new materials He has just finished his latest project for those sunny days in the garden. The Truck BBQ is a 6 foot long 2 compartment BBQ (traditional grille and  slow roaster) weighing in at approximately 18 stone/120 kg /250 lbs. Otis hopes to make more of these bespoke BBQ and welcomes commissions.

Reverse-flow custom smoker

Photo by Derek Artz
Derek Artz of Hagerstown, MD, is almost finished building a reverse flow smoker. This all-custom work smoker will be sandblasted and painted soon.

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