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If you’re a fan of live fire cooking then you are likely no stranger to Mr. Al Frugoni. Al has been showing off his live fire cooking skills for years and now is sharing one of his biggest secrets with his Chimi Churri rub mix. I am always amazed at how patient and detail oriented Al is when he is cooking over or beside an open flamed fire. Without a doubt he has a skill set that few others have mastered to his degree.

One sure find on all of his finished dishes is the Chimi Churri sauce that he makes using his rub mix. He also uses this dry rub to start the cooking process as well. This dry seasoning has no sugar, which can be risky when cooking in this manner as sugar can burn easily and leave a bitter taste behind. This seasoning blend is the main ingredient in the highly sought after Chimi Churri sauce. Simply add vinegar and oil to the rub.


Chimi Churri Steak

We tested this seasoning mix with several different cooks but found it was perfect with any beef cuts and went great with chicken as well. We also found that when making the sauce you could also add in the protein juices to the mix to add another layer of flavor. The results were all great but when used with left overs to make tacos, then without question, these leftovers become superstars.


You can follow and watch Al on his social feeds@alfrugoni or you purchase the rub at


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