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Ben Que'n

Ben Que’n

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If you are looking for cleaner BBQ and grilling options, then we have something tailor-made for you. Luvafoodie Company is all about eating well, being well, and staying well without sacrificing. Michelle Mazzara, the CEO, has developed an array of great products that are very tasty without all of the added stuff that some may not want. Her different rubs include Garlic Lovers, Meat Lovers, Seafood Lovers, Sesame Lovers, and Jamaican Lover. She also offers several others that are salt-free, chemical-free, filler-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Only her Umami Spice Blend contains wheat.

Michelle also has several really useful items to help in the cooking process. Her grill basket with four different grilling spices was a big hit with us as it offered a variety of greattasting rubs and a handy basket made for smaller quantities and cuts of anything you want to place on the grill or hang over an open fire. Our test product was the Seafood Lover rub on some shrimp that we cooked up on the RECTEQ pellet grill, and it turned out beyond great. You can learn more about the Luvafoodie brand and products via their website at


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