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2017 Rubs of Honor results

The annual Rubs of Honor contest is an event that is run by the National Barbecue News and is the only rub contest in the country that anyone can enter.

The purpose for the annual Rubs of Honor event is very simple: find the best seasoning for chicken, pork and beef. Each of the top 10 finishers in each category is presented with a certificate and the winner in each category is presented with a national championship award that uses their actual entry as part of the award. Each winner also receives a $750 prepaid advertising contract with the National Barbecue News for the purpose of promoting their product to the barbecue world. This event always takes place in the fall of the year and the Sauces of Honors event happens each spring. The Rubs and Sauces of Honor events are perfect ways to test new products that you may want to market. You can find more info on these events at /nbn-saucesrubs-honor


2017 Rubs of Honor National Champions presented by the National Barbecue News. Chicken champion rub (left) is Historic BBQ Red. Pork rub champion (center) is Up In Smoke BBQ Rub A and Beef champion rub (right) is Veterans Q beef rub.

Top 10 Chicken Rubs

1. Historic Red – Historic BBQ

2. Dry Rub & Seasoning – Woody’s Bar-B-Q Sauce

3. Competition Pork & Chicken Rub – Texas Select Seasonings

4. Honey Dew Chicken Rub – UrbanQ Smokehouse

5. Indian Summer Rub – UrbanQ Smokehouse

6. Chicken Rub – Pig in a Pit

7. All Purpose Rub – Nauti Tiki Seasonings

8. Wellspring BBQ Plus – Wellspring Components, LLC

9. Poultry Perfection – Miners Mix

10. Rescue Rub All Purpose – Code 3 Spices

Top 10 Pork Rubs

1. Up in Smoke’s BBQ Rub A – Up in Smoke

2. OZ N Bones Rub – OZ N Bones BBQ, LLC

3. Pork & Rib Rub – Pig in a Pit

4. Holy Smoke Dry Rub Seasoning – Holy Smoke, LLC

5. Pork Rub Ready to Mix – BBQ’n Fools

6. Eroc’s U-Betcha Uff-Da – Eroc’s

7. Veterans Q Chicken and Pork Rub – Veteran’s Q

8. Pig Magic – Tom Leiby

9. Wellspring BBQ Plus – Wellspring Components, LLC

10. Harold’ Dry Rub Seasoning – Harold’s Vittles

10. All Purpose Rub – Nauti Tiki Seasonings

Top 10 Beef Rubs

1. Beef Rub – Veterans Q

2. Signature Montreal BBQ Rub – BBQ’n Fools

3. The House Rub – Just Them Bones Barbecue

4. Beef Rub – Granite Fire BBQ

5. Rockin’ Red Rub – Saucy Minx BBQ

6. Steak Rub – Rufus Teague

7. Brisket and Beef Rub – Pig in a Pit

8. All Purpose Rub – Nauti Tiki Seasonings

9. SPG – Sucklebusters

10.Unbelieva-Bull – KO’D BBQ Co.


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