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Richard Westhaver, also known as Dirty Dick, is a well-known figure in the BBQ and grilling community. His hot sauce products have been winning awards since 2006, and he began competing in BBQ events in the early 1990s, inspired by an event in Memphis in 1989. Over the years, he has secured more than 15 State Championships with his team, Dirty Dick and the Legless Wonders.

Each of his four hot sauces has earned acclaim. The journey began with the National Barbecue & Grilling Association’s 2006 Awards of Excellence competition, and since then, they’ve garnered over 40 major hot sauce awards, earning them the title of the World’s Greatest Hot Sauce.

We thoroughly enjoyed all four sauces and were impressed by their flavorful profiles, notably without the overpowering heat commonly found in many hot sauces. Our personal favorite was the Peachy Green, offering a mild yet delicious experience. Here’s a brief review of each sauce:

Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce: This original sauce combines habanero peppers with tropical fruits, creating a sweet and spicy blend. The sweetness of bananas, raisins, and pineapples lingers on the palate, followed by a gentle heat kick. It pairs exceptionally well with beef, chicken, and adds a kick to various dipping sauces.

Caribbean Dreams: A unique and super flavorful sauce, where the heat from habanero is complemented by the sweetness of peaches, pears, and brown sugar. A twist of mustard takes it to another level, making it perfect for jerk chicken or smoked seafood. A must-try for those who enjoy sweet heat!

No Name Chipotle: Dirty Dick’s Chipotle Hot Pepper Sauce is the latest addition, offering a rich, smoky, molelike flavor. This versatile sauce pairs excellently with Mexican cuisine, and we particularly enjoyed adding it to our salsa and chips routine for a little kick.

Dick’s Peachy Green: Loaded with fruity verde flavor, this mild hot sauce stands out with scallions, vanilla, and saffron. It pairs well with cheeses, salads, and dips, offering a unique and enjoyable taste experience.

For those interested in exploring these award-winning sauces, you can purchase them here:


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