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INKBIRD 5G Smart Thermometer

Newly Released Thermometer
To Be Beyond Useful

Ben Que'n

Ben Que’n

Product Reviews

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The newly released INKBIRD IBT-26S 5G smart thermometer is a winner! Not only is this an “everything you need” thermometer but the stylish looks are a plus too. Bluetooth, 5G, 6 total probe ports (5 reading ports plus an ambient reading port) will keep you in the know about everything you’re cooking and the device it is cooking on. Settings include C or F readings, timer, high and low temps for all probes, alarm on or off, magnet suction or kick plate stand mount, and even has 23 preset temps that are suggested from USDA. You can even personalize your alarm tone so you never react to another thermometer alarm.

Our test unit came in a sturdy and reusable box that houses the thermometer, charging cord for the rechargeable battery, four color coded temperature probes and two grate clips to hold a probe that tracks ambient temperature. We found that setting up the unit was quick and simple as we downloaded the app that acts as the central base to this beyond smart thermometer. The unit worked flawlessly and stood up to every claim that is advertised inside the user manual. 150’ plus Bluetooth readings, WiFi on both 2.4G and 5.0G to help with quick data transfer over long ranges. The unit came to us already calibrated as we tested it with boiling water before using.

Our cooking tests were done while cooking ribs at 220 degrees and some chicken thighs at 375 degrees. During the cook process we

 learned this unit not only sends alarms to your phone but the unit itself will also sound when temperature is reached or time has expired. We also learned you can change the brightness of the screen on the unit to make it more readable in direct sunlight which came in handy when it was secured to the cook via the internal magnet. All of this good stuff is packed inside the very portable 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch frame. The unit was super easy to operate and kept us informed as to any changes happening to our grill and proteins that we could track with a graph inside the app.

We love all the bells and whistles to this unit but we used it enough to know it is also reliable and consistent. Without question we will be using this unit to keepwatch over all of our grills in the near future. You can learn more details or order this newly released thermometer from the Amazon store at




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