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This Chupacabra Is For Real

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By National Barbecue News Cooking Crew

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Chupacabra ProductsChupacabra…funny name for some really serious products so we will start with that. What exactly is a Chupacabra? It’s an ornery little mythical creature that is said to wander around the Caribbean, South America, through Mexico and up into parts of Texas. It basically chases around cattle and such. The legend’s about these creatures have been passed down for generations. Honestly, this is the first we have heard about the creature but we understand creatures like Yeti, Big Foot, and Huggin’ Molly tend to be regional legends.

The company 2 Gringos Chupacabra, LLC has really done their homework in every aspect of every product they offer. A perfect example of this was every one of the 15 different products we received all had the 2 Gringo’s Chupacabra theme so there was no doubt who made it. Also, every single label had the little Chupacabra creature, or Chupy as they have named him, is dressed to sell the particular product. This took a ton of time and creativity but betting you will never miss any new product that is sitting on a store shelf. Even their website has Chupy all decked out letting you know about special offerings.

All of these products are proudly made in the USA and all of them also display the Go Texan logo, which indicates they are proudly made in the state of Texas. San Antonio, Texas is actually where the company calls home.

Now on to the product details and information. We will not be going into detail about all of the samples we tried but will indeed mention them. We picked a few of our favorites to detail for you but we can tell you that everything we tried was busting with flavor. In honest Tex-Mex fashion, a few of the products were very warm on the heat scale. It was also easy to tell that every product is made with fresh ingredients and quality is used everywhere and not just in a few signature products.

The Snacks and Salsas

turkey-jerkyTurkey Jerkey – This stuff is peppery fantastic and packed with protein that is a very healthy snack alternative. The product was super tender compared to others that we have tried from supermarkets. The sample didn’t last very long at all.

ChupyNuts – Awesome party snack food for sure. Great mix of roasted peanuts and various seeds all topped and coated with a heavy dose of seasoning that leaves you wanting another hand full.CHUPYNUTS

Tomatillo Salsa – A super fresh jalapeno, garlic and onion mix that has a little kick. Very unique product and we could not recall finding this mix of spices in any other product. We found a perfect medium scale heat that causes a small sweat on the forehead if you over partake but not a taste bud scorcher.

Medium salsaMedium Salsa – Of all the snacks and other products this was our favorite. Super fresh taste and it offered a homemade flavor that was simply perfect with our chips. We even wound up putting this in several different recipes and salads and found that it made a difference versus our normal store bought salsa. We think this is a must have for sure.

Chupequin Sauce – Not for the faint of heart as this stuff will heat up an iceberg. This would work great for any recipe that calls for hot sauce but our South Georgia taste buds found it too hot to handle by itself.

Bohemian Garlic Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

Beef & Pork Summer Sausage


The Dry Rubs

Chupacabra season allMeat Rub & Season-All – This is a perfect name as it really does season all. We tried it with chicken, pork, and beef and it did a tremendous job of making flavor for all of them. One point to know is the product we tried did have MSG…which is something we do not frown upon as long as it is used as intended. They also offer up a version without MSG but we only choose one and we think we choose correctly. This flavor maker can no doubt transform about any protein. They also offer these in about any size you need from 12 oz. all the way up to 25 pound pales.

Brisket Magic – Once again the product name says it all. An awesome savory mix that took our beef to superstar brisket_magicstatus. Rumor has it that this product helped a team score a perfect 180 in a recent World Championship in brisket as well. We know for sure that to pull a feat like that you have to have a little magic from somewhere and also an amazing rub. We’ll sum it up in a very simple way…it works and works very well on anything beef!

Cajun blendCajun Blend Seasoning – Another super fresh mix of spices blended to offer a little kick that worked very well on the fish and seafood that we tried it on. We accidentally mixed this up on a few chicken finger samples we were grilling up and found it to be a great accompaniment for those as well. We also found the little kick that we taste in the blend before cooking will get dialed down during the cooking process. We also found this blend is a great homemade potato chip or French fry additive as well.

Fancy Beer Salt

Cluckalicious Poultry Seasoning

In closing, we can only tell you that Mr. Alton Paris, who is better known as The Gringo, has some really high-quality products that we really enjoyed. We didn’t get much information on The Gringo himself but I am betting that could make another awesome story in itself. Find more information about these awesome products at their website www.2gringos or call them at 210-495-8836.

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