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Season 2 of the barbecue reality series is set to air October 6th on Destination America at 8:00 AM EST


If you are a fan of reality TV programs, then you will not want to miss the new season of Bama-Q. What else could be more dramatic than

Lisa Blackwell

Bama-Q host, Lisa
Blackwell, takes viewers on a fast-paced look into the competition
barbecue world in each episode of the show.

watching professional barbecue teams at an event? If you have ever competed, then you understand how things can change at a moments notice without any warning. This indeed makes for reality TV that is like no other.

Bama-Q is televised on the Destination America channel and features several teams from the Alabama Barbecue Association as they travel around and compete for the opportunity to win the coveted Alabama Governor’s Cup which is the top prize for their series of events.

Several events that are slated for the upcoming season include Decatur, AL Riverfest, Columbus, MS Roast N Boast, Huntsville, AL Whistle Stop. These towns and events are used as the backdrop to the series of shows as the episodes are shot on site while the actual events are happening live. Now that can always create drama for the viewers.

Bama-q Huntsville 2018

Wrap up being filmed from the 2018 Huntsville Alabama, Whistle Stop event where Bama-Q stars had a really successful day with their entries.

The teams that are featured in season two are also a bit different from last year as well. Here are the teams that you can expect to see in the upcoming season:


The Smokin’ Butt Crew was established in 2005 and is based out of Birmingham, AL. The team consists of Kelly and Buddy Estes.


Suzanne & Scott Burton are a husband and wife team that live in Madison, AL and make up South Pork.


Smoke Me Silly BBQ team is based out of Madison, AL. The team consists of husband and wife, Robert Vanderipe and Lex Vanegas, and, occasionally, family and friends help out too.


Steve Blake & Bob Fite make the team of Jiggy Piggy and have been around the barbecue circuit since 2002.


Chester Lewis makes up this one-person team and is currently the President of the Alabama Barbecue Association.


Tony Mancuso makes up this one person team that hails from Madison, AL.


Bees Knee's BBQ

Bee’s Knee’s sharing a few chicken prep techniques during the second season.

Brent Bourland and Jeff Cole are from Huntsville, AL and they make up the award-winning Bees Knees BBQ Team.


The Pit Crew, Ga. lead by Tina Cannon (Pitmaster) and husband, Bobby.


The Fat, Drunk and Stupid Competition BBQ Team is based in Huntsville, Alabama. Team members Laddy Ratliff, Ron Stephens, James Evans, and James Henley are lifelong friends.

To view season one or learn more about Bama-Q you can visit their website at

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