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 Woo Woo Sauce From Melissa Cookston

Ben Que'n

Ben Que’n

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The winningest woman in BBQ is no rookie at creating flavor makers. Her new Woo Woo Sauce is sure to become a best seller among all the products in her growing line of seasonings and sauces. This sauce is her version of Worcestershire sauce blended with other herbs and seasonings. The extra ingredients definitely puts this flavor generator in a class by itself! Woo Woo Sauce is the perfect marinade, stew/soup maker, or missing ingredient to anything you eat. Without question we think this stuff would make just about anything eatable.

We first tried Woo Woo Sauce on some grilled salmon. The next day we used it to marinate our smash burgers as well as sautéed some diced up onions to top off our burger. Before we were done we had added it to our normal Italian salad dressing to create a masterpiece that had a cheap salad tasting like a masterpiece. We emptied out our test bottle before we could use our new salad dressing as a chicken marinade but we have an entire case on order now to keep playing with it. Needless to say we have a new secret flavor making super power and we could not get enough. Everything we tried it with made us think of something else we should try it on. Like homemade Chex mix would be a great snack idea for this stuff!

This stuff will truly make a huge difference in any recipe you have from veggies, snacks, or proteins. If you are looking to add more flavor then this could be your next secret ingredient. You can purchase this product here:


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