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Table Of Contents 2.2019 Issue

BBQ: The Backyard 


Lovin’ The Smash – Publisher Kell Phelps shares his favorite “Smash Burger” recipe.

Diner Pie Cake – A Mazie Q pit boss Jayna Todisco shares her recipe for this American classic.

• In The World Of BBQ, It’s The People You Meet – Mark Noordsy shares his sausage making experience.

• Pookie Smith’s Rub Story – See how this son is putting a new twist on his father’s creation. FREE CONTENT

Smokin’ Valentines Day Recipes –  Ray “BBQ Buddha” Sheehan shares his recipes for Smoked Prime Rib and more.

• There’s Love…I Mean Smoke In The Air – Chimney Cartel leader Vic Clevenger talks about the love of BBQ.

BBQ: The Business


• Barbecue In The Age Of Intelligent Robots – Barbecue Hall of Famer Ardie Davis shares his thoughts about future bbq.

National Restaurant Association Releases 2019 Survey – Could your favorite BBQ joint start following these new trends?  FREE CONTENT

• NBBQA February Information – NBBQA shares cold weather cooking tips and gives April conference updates.

BBQ: The Competition


• Northeast Barbecue Society – Competitor spotlight on Kids Q Team Hokie Pokie Q Next Gen.

• Steak Cookoff Association – SCA Rep. Danny Kennedy shares his story and Naples results shared.

• Smokin Start To 2019 – Dana “Big Papa” Hillis details his early 2019 ventures

• Florida BBQ Association Inducts Hall of Fame Members  – FBA adds Rub Bagby, Jady Hill, and Ricky Ginsburg to their Hall of Fame

• Minnesota Barbeque Society Celebrates Their 2018 Winners – MNBS hosts their 2019 annual meeting.

• California BBQ Association – CBBQA President Steph Franklin recaps recent accomplishments.  FREE CONTENT



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